Buzz Alley and Bee Garden


Beginning Monday, August 20, Buzz Alley, the Tower and the Observation deck will be closed while we renovate the Tower.  Renovations are expected to be complete by early November. We appreciate your patience during this time.

What's the buzz? The bees at the Creative Discovery Museum course.  Experience the complexity of nature as you and your family observes the bees hard at work in our full-size Honey Bee Observation Hive.  As the seasons pass, observe how the bees adjust their daily habits over the course of a year, from collecting pollen to making honey, a bee's day is never dull. 

Come explore Buzz Alley and see the honey bee's role as a pollinator and learn about the importance of beekeeping in helping to sustain healthy beehives. Learn about the stages of development, pollinate flowers, try in a beekeeper's outfit and much more in this exhibit all about our friend, the honey bee.  And join us in July as the Museum celebrates the fruits of the bee's labor with our annual Honey Harvest event.  For more information about the life cycle of bees, contact Karen Dewhirst at (423) 756-2738 ext. 294 or via email at

Our rooftop garden is now a certified butterfly and monarch garden! Our garden provides resources that increase the world's population of butterflies. 

Buzz Alley is one component of a project shared between Creative Discovery Museum, Chattanooga Nature Center, Hamilton County Department of Education and the ad hoc Friends of William’s Wildflowers Committee. Components of the collaboration include the Museum’s exhibit, a book, curriculum and a nature tour. The Lyndhurst Foundation and Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga are major funders of this collaborative project.