Earth and Space Day

Saturday, April 21
Noon - 4 p.m. 

People of all cultures throughout history have had a fascination with the night sky. The stars and planets have served as the basis for stories, mark the passage of time and are used to navigate the Earth. We know so much about our Earth and space phenomenon, however Earth and Space Day will show us how much more there is to discover about our universe!

Join us for a fun-filled day of out-of this-world activities on Saturday, April 21 from noon to 4 p.m.!

  • Paper Mountains - Guests will explore Earth as a constantly changing and dynamic system and understand how the shape of the land and the pull of gravity influence how water moves over Earth.
  • Pack a Space Telescope - Use ingenuity to fold a telescope payload, load it into a rocket and be able to unfold the telescope by pulling two strings.
  • Filtered Light - Learn about light by experimenting with colored filters to make objects and appear and disappear.
  • Exoplanet Transits - Use a grid and shadows of objects to rank them according to their size.
  • Objects in Motion - Put two objects in orbit around each other learn how stars, planets, moons and other objects in space orbit around each other because of gravity.
  • Stomp Rockets - Rockets carry important scientific instruments into space. Make a sounding rocket and use air under pressure make it hit a target.
  • Mars Rover - Pretend to be a robot receiving "remote" instructions to complete a task.
  • Craters - Learn about formation of craters by dropping objects of different sizes and shapes into a sand mixture.
  • Hide and Seek Moon Story time in Discovery Library from 11:30 a.m. to noon and 1:30-2:00 p.m.

Activity kits were provided by National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Net) in conjunction with NASA. Activity facilitators are staff members of BASF, the UTC Astrophysics club, staff members of Sanofi and Miss Tennessee. Sponsored by NISE Net and NASA.