Exhibits - Coming Soon

Out of the Attic

Saturday, September 30 - Tuesday, November 7
Have you ever found yourself saying "Whatever happened to that thing we used to come and do at Creative Discovery Museum? Where did that piece go? Well we've been digging through our "attic" and have come across some old favorites that aren't on the floor anymore. We're tired of them just gathering dust, so we're bringing them back out for a bit!
  • Build a fort.
  • Climb up, through and around a treehouse.
  • Put on a puppet show.
  • Build an arch and then knock it down.
  • Explore the properties of magnets.

Who knows what else we'll find! Come see what we found in the "attic"! This exhibit will highlight favorite exhibits from past years that are no longer on display.

Winter Wonders

Saturday, November 18 - Sunday, January 21
You don't need mittens for the activities and fun of a winter day.  Come join the frozen fun in Winter Wonders at Creative Discovery Museum!  Enjoy some of your favorite winter activities in a warm environment. 
  • Play dress up and prepare for winter in the cozy cottage, where you can "cook" in the fireplace.
  • Dress like a forest animal and "hibernate" in a tree stump in the forest.
  • Have a snowball fights with friends and family, or just improve your aim in the target practice area.
  • Survey the forest when you climb a tree and relax in a tree house.
  • Explore the mysteries of the "blizzard" pool noodle maze.
  • Slip and slide your way to fun in the sock ice skating area.
  • Preschoolers can take refuge from the snow with activities in the Winter Forest.