Natural Treasures Trading Post

Love treasure hunting? Does your collection consist of unique finds such as rocks, seashells or leaves? Come share your treasure and swap it for another of nature’s bounty! Bring your items along with what you have learned about your special find to Natural Treasures Trading Post at Creative Discovery Museum.

Natural Treasures Trading Post provides young learners with the opportunity to trade in their special finds for unique treasures of natural wonders from the Museum’s collection. Traders earn points for their treasures based on the novelty of the item as well as their knowledge of the specimen. Natural Treasures Trading Post will maintain an account of points for the traders. The trader may use his or her points immediately to take home another treasure from the Post or save the points for future trades.

How can you get points? It's simple!

  • Bring in a tradable object, along with the details such as the name of the object, where it was found, what makes it unique, and any other information you think another collector might find interesting. Number of points depends on object.
  • 50 free trade points to Museum member children good toward a first trade. Show membership card to staff member at post to receive points
  • 50 free trade points during the month of trader's birthday
  • 50 free trade points for a trader who refers another child who sets up a trade account. Both referring child and child referred also gets 50 free trade points on first trade
  • 50 free trade points for students who bring coupon received as a result of coming to the Museum for a field trip. Teacher will receive coupons upon leaving the museum to distribute to students. Students must bring coupon to Trading Post to receive points
  • Looking for a way to get a few extra points? Download our Field Guide and fill it in. Then bring it in on your next visit to the Trading Post to trade in for points. 

Tradeable objects for Natural Treasures Trading Post include polished rocks, fossils, shells, horns, shed antlers, driftwood, bleached bones, animal skulls, pine cones, seed pods, shed snake skin, dead insects, leaves, sand and tree “cookies”. Objects not accepted include bird feathers, nests, eggs, wildflowers, animals (dead or alive) and other objects that may be infested with mites or insects, as well as anything that is protected or endangered.

Get your collections together today! The Trading Post is located at Creative Discovery Museum in Excavation Station and is open on Saturdays from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. or by special appointment. Natural Treasures Trading Post activities are free with paid admission to the Museum. For more information, call Karen Dewhirst at (423) 648-6094 or e-mail her at