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The Wizard of Oz Children’s Educational Exhibition

May 24, 2014-September 7, 2014

We’re off to see The Wizard of Oz, as Creative Discovery Museum hosts the first-ever licensed traveling educational exhibit based on the beloved movie classic. The Wizard of Oz Children’s Educational Exhibit is set to open on Saturday, May 24, 2014.

Created by Miami Children’s Museum (MCM) and licensed by Warner Bros. Consumer Products, this interactive fantasy-adventure takes children and families over the rainbow to continue the celebration of the film’s 75th anniversary milestone.

The Wizard of Oz Children’s Educational Exhibition is a journey of self-discovery for the whole family! Guests travel from the Gale Farm to the colorful Land of Oz, where they explore Munchkinland, The Crossroads, The Witch’s Castle and The Emerald City before heading back over the rainbow to Chattanooga, because of course, “There’s no place like home.”

Along the way, everyone will experience the adventures of Dorothy and her friends as they find their way back to true happiness. Elements of the movie available only in this licensed exhibition include Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers, the characters everyone knows and loves from the film, and classic movie moments.

Visit Professor Marvel’s Wagon and create your own tornado in Dorothy’s bedroom. Explore Munchkin houses and meet Dorothy’s friends the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man. Enter The Emerald City and create a “Horse of a Different Color,” play at the kaleidoscope and prism stations, but “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” Next, climb the mountain to the Wicked Witch’s Castle to capture the Wicked Witch’s broom from Winged Monkeys. Finally, click your heels three times while reciting, “There’s no place like home,” as guests depart the Land of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz Children’s Educational Exhibition is a marvelous adventure of self-discovery for the whole family. Visitors to the exhibit will enjoy a variety of activities that promote imagination and creativity, including:

  • Gale Farm: Farming, nature and illusion: Children learn about life on a farm through hands-on play and the science behind tornadoes and how they form.
  • Munchkinland: Visitors explore visual, musical and performing arts through creative expression, imaginative play and literacy-building activities. Meet Dorothy’s friends the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man.
  • Crossroads: Children discover their personal strengths, courage and values while understanding the importance of having compassion for others.
  • Witches Castle: This area builds courage as children overcome physical challenges and engage in gross motor skills. Capture the Witched Witch’s broom from winged monkeys.
  • Emerald City: Visitors explore Emerald City, meet the Wizard of Oz and the concept of being oneself without pretending to be someone else. Families also experiment with science and light and have an opportunity to create special effects. Create a “Horse of a Different Color,” play at the kaleidoscope and prism stations, and “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

The Wizard of Oz Children’s Educational Exhibition was created by Miami Children’s Museum and SPARKS, in conjunction with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. Locally, the exhibit is sponsored by Little Debbie Snacks.

Play! Build! Climb! (tentative)

September 20 through November 11

Climb the walls at Creative Discovery Museum this fall--literally! Children and their caregivers will enjoy Play! Build! Climb!, the challenging and delightful Creative Discovery Museum exhibit, September 20 through November 11, 2014.

Kids will go back to the basics with two building block areas. Experiment and design using the enormous supply of blocks contained in the block corrals. Preschoolers can build a town as they experiment with the concepts of height, length and size. In another block area, children can become architects as they explore shape, size and design concepts by building skyscrapers, domed buildings, or castles.

Kids can also stretch the minds as well as their bodies with Snug Play USA. This exciting, movable play system was developed in the United Kingdom and is provided by PlayCore, a leading designer and manufacturer of play and recreation equipment, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tenn. Children will use their imagination to transform Snug’s unique play components into creative environments that encourage physical activity and promote critical thinking. Use Snug pieces to bounce, rock, climb, and create a story.

A large climbing area will let children climb the walls as they navigate the traverse-climbing wall that is a part of Play! Build! Climb! with cross lateral movement. Cross lateral movement benefits a child’s development by using both sides of the brain and connecting them. Next, they will go up, up, up to climb the Volcano, a circular climbing wall.

“One of the best ways children learn is through play,” said Henry Schulson, Executive Director at Creative Discovery Museum. “This exhibit should be a tremendous amount of fun as children engage in climbing challenges and use their imaginations to create worlds of their own.”

Play! Build! Climb! provides a complete experience for kids by teaching problem solving and critical thinking skills and offering opportunities for physical activity and social development. Play! Build! Climb! provides hours of fun and valuable educational experiences for kids aged three and up.